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On Saturday January 18, the Photographic Society of Guipúzcoa was packed for the inauguration of the new FIAP Permanent Exhibition Center named after Alberto Fernandez Ibarburu (promoter, first president and honorary president of the Federation of Photographic Groups of the Basque Country and the Spanish Confederation of Photography). Club members, public visitors, representatives of the Basque institutions and international leaders of the FIAP came together with Gipuzkoa and Euskadi at the heart of the photography world.

This new FIAP center in Gipuzkoa is only the third in Spain and the first to be represented by a female director. Alicia Tebar commented that this ´prize´, presented with the ´12th FIAP Clubs World Cup´ exhibition, includes a commitment to host no less than 5 FIAP sponsorship exhibitions annually - recognized collections from the World Cup of Photographic Entities, International Biennials, or authors with FIAP recognition, guaranteeing club members and public visitors fresh, diverse, quality content.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of the Federation of Photographic Groups of the Basque Country (EHATE), the Spanish Confederation of Photography (CEF) and the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).

The inauguration was attended by Mr. Patxi Presa General Director of Promotion and Cultural Diffusion of the Guipúzcoa,s Chartered Council, Mr. Riccardo Busi President of the FIAP, Mr. Joan Burgués Vice President of the FIAP and Director of FIAP Exhibition Centers, Mr. Santos Moreno President of the Spanish Confederation of Photography, Mr. Juan Armentia President of the Federation of Photographic Groups of the Basque Country and member of the FIAP, Mr. Ioannis Lykouris Secretary General of the FIAP, Ms. Laura Prego Official Liaison FIAP in Spain , Mr. Luis Vigil President of the Asturian Federation of Photography, representatives of the SFG as well as representatives of numerous Photographic Associations of the Basque Country and Navarra.

Before viewing a FIAP sponsored video  “Women Lifecycle” and presentation of the book “Destino Soñado” by the 2018 national CEF photography prize winner, Asier Garagarza, and writer Xabier Ortiz, attendees enjoyed an Aurresku (a local Basque dance greeting) under an intense sirimiri (our almost ever-present San Sebastian rain). Being the eve-of-the-eve of ´San Sebastian´ (highlight of the local festival calendar) the evening would not have been complete without a Tamborrada, presented with Basque passion by a group of club members.

The catchphrase ´A Friendship for Photography´ was a perfect motto for the inauguration day and we look forward to making many more friends going forward as a result of this new relationship.

Opening Ceremony