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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

From March 18 to April 14, we had a new FIAP exhibition. 

On this occasion, it was  LUIS ARBERTO FRANKE who showed us his photographs of Patagonia .  
In the exhibition, we could admire spectacular  landscapes of this part of the world, amazing portraits of characters found there and beautiful pictures of rural life. This exhibition was a collaboration with FotoArtReus, exhibition curator. Video attached

As part of this exhibition on April 8th we had a zoom meeting where Luis Franke presented us two audiovisuals, Patagonia Rural and  Patagonia Landscapes with amazing photographs followed by a pleasant discussion with Joan Burgues ( FIAP Vice president and Exhibition centers SD), Josep Casanovas ( FotoArt Reus Director), Juan Armentia( president of the Basque Photography Federation), Luis Vigil ( Asemeyando Exhibition Center Director) and a large group of very curious participants present in our conference room and online.

La Patagonia Confin Austral - March 2021