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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

On Monday, April 5, at 8:00 p.m., the AFA collective exhibition, “IN AETERNVM” was inaugurated, a selection of 47 photographs that make up the Easter sample that we carry out every year on these dates.               

“IN AETERNVM” is a Magna Exhibition organized by the Antequera City Council, in which our association collaborates showing the best of the local photographic heritage, one of whose venues will be our FIAP Exhibition Center.               

There are many things that we have lost due to the pandemic and that we now long for, wishing that this year, God willing, will be the last without the thrones on the streets because when the dates of Holy Week approach, photographers feel an impulse that we It forces us to review our equipment to be prepared to comply with the ritual of capturing hundreds, perhaps thousands of images, hoping that some of them can contain all the essence that the show of a week full of emotions offers us.

In this exhibition we try again to take the viewer to feel those moments that our processional parades generate and that most of the attendees cannot see, since only the trained “photographic eye” of our partners captures to be able to offer them a set of images that would otherwise be lost in the collective memory of the people.   

Alfredo Sotelo Matos Director of the Antequera FIAP Exhibition Center.

Holy Week Antequerana "IN AETERNVM" - April 2021