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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland

This exhibition serves to publicize a part of the exceptional creative work that AFA photographers regularly do. The sample consists of 45 photographs, which have been selected by the decision of a prestigious national jury outside our association. AFA IMAGEN was born with a traveling vocation and has been exhibited, with excellent critics, in different national theaters until the current pandemic cut its expectations, ending its tour in this room waiting to be replaced by a new one to replace it. The exhibition is a heterogeneous collection of images, in which we can admire almost all the photographic styles and where the different photographers using different photographic techniques compose a pleasant exhibition in which the artistic quality does not leave any critical eye indifferent. An opportunity to observe and assess the quality and level of Antequera and Andalusian photography while enjoying its beauty.

Participating photographers:
Mercedes Pardo  -  Merche Soria - Antonio Cabello -  Antonio Espárraga - Frank Tejada  -  Gerónimo Villena - Javier Coca  -  José A. Fernández - José A. Montenegro  -  José A. Romero - José Díez de los Ríos  -  César Pérez - Leonardo Murillo  -  Manuel J. Navarro - Alfredo Sotelo  -  Antonio Baena - Manuel Romero  -  Manuel Torres – Juanma Meléndez  -  Pedro Serrano - Antonio Miranda   

Alfredo Sotelo Matos Director of the Antequera FIAP Exhibition Center.

AFA IMAGEN - May 2021