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JMMK #13 “The Road to Creative Media” at the FEC Pandeng Gallery, Indonesia

 The recorded Media Art screening and exhibition, JMMK “The Road to Creative Media” is an annual event that has been held by the Faculty of Recorded Media Arts, Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta since 2009. This event, held in October/November 2021, celebrated 27 years of the faculty of Recorded Media Arts, and was attended by students, lecturers from Photography, Television and Animation undergraduate program at FSMR ISI Yogyakarta, colleagues from academia, industry, professionals and artists. This screening and exhibition were dedicated to the public as a form of accountability for the existence and scientific development of the recorded media arts, especially photography, television programs, films, animation and games, as well as indicators of teaching and learning quality at the Faculty of Recorded Media, ISI Yogyakarta. This 2021 event was the thirteenth time this annual exhibition of recorded media art “The Road to Creative Media” has been held, and this year it specifically presented the theme " Disruption of recorded Media Art in the New Normal Era ".    

Disruption means a break or interruption in the normal course of or continuation of some activities, processes, etc. The “New Normal Era” was the benchmark for space and time themes screening and exhibition to match the spirit of the times experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Departing from this context, JMMK #13 tried to highlight and display works of recorded media art that emerged in the New Normal Era with a strategy and unique tactics in its embodiment.   

The recorded media art screening and exhibition was held at the FIAP Exhibition Centre, Pandeng Gallery, FSMR, ISI Yogyakarta from October 28 to November 12, 2021. The exhibition and screening event displayed photographic works, television programs, video-art, documentaries, story films, animation films and games for students and lecturers in the FSMR ISI Yogyakarta environment, as well as the works of guests that are invited to participate from various universities every year. Guest participants are also from universities abroad such as Universiti Teknologi Mara UiTM Malaysia, VCA - University of Melbourne, Australia and Eszterhazy Karoly University in Hungary.   

Some of the objectives and benefits of this event are that it contributes to the advancement in the arts recorded media, especially photography, video-art/film, and animation at the Faculty of Arts Recorded Media ISI Yogyakarta. It also aims to develop a creative attitude and demonstrate the culture and character of the nation through the representation of the arts media.   

Curation of photographic works, television programs, video-art , films and animated games from FSMR ISI Yogyakarta was carried out in each study program by a team of appointed curators.   

The favourite subject in this photography exhibition was “Human” and the concept of human existence was divided into four categories; Solidarity & love, Conflict, Estrangement & solitude, and Mortality. These were well presented with human interest, portraiture and abstract photos in both colour and black and white images.

JMMK #13 “The Road to Creative Media” - November 2021