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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

“Borderless: unlimited imagination” is the first international exhibition in collaboration with FIAP and Faculty of Recorded Media Arts that carries all types and genres of visual recorded media as a form of artistic expression. This exhibition is a crucial milestone and was organized to celebrate the inauguration of Pandeng Gallery at the Faculty of Recorded Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta to be FIAP exhibition.     

“Borderless - Unlimited imagination” refers to a freedom of imagining and expressing the reality, space, time, and media as visual languages. Encourage all the exhibitors to respond current challenging situation and  presented in their artworks. No boundaries can stop imagination from evolving and resonating the deepest and most profound passion to celebrate arts.  When we freeze the space and time in the past into a two dimensional visual and then present the event, the fragmented visuals will be appreciated and reimagined by the audience accordingly.  This is how the curatorial of the photographs in this exhibition works which is participated by people from various countries, bring out the phenomena of past events from across the globe in this very moment, at a particular (virtual) venue.  The visuals we can now enjoy and appreciate are firmly related to the skill and competency of the creator - the artists.  Mastering the technique will help the exhibitors in creating and interpreting the reality they once experienced by adding some touches of visual aesthetics in their creation. Our own upbringing and empirical state of mind become the main elements in creating a photograph as well as other arts; how we can be observant, sensitive, smart, and expressive yet still being capable to show certain emotion and vibe to bring the artwork come to life.       

This exhibition is participated by FIAP members from 15 different countries, 25 participants from HISFA Yogyakarta and 55 people from Faculty of Recorded Media Arts, Indonesia Institute of the Arts Yogyakarta, varying from lecturers, students, and the colleagues of the institute. We hope it does not only serve as a hospitality event to keep people in touch and exchanging information amongst art creators, photo enthusiast, and curators but also contribute a great deal of information, education, motivation, and international communication on the development of recording media art.   May this exhibition become a self-reflection to all of us, to contemplate our recent situation and as a proof of our resilient within time and space given to each of us.  Pandemic will not stop us from moving forward and creating positive vibes, yet we might be humbled by the uncertainty of this unprecendented event and find solace in arts.     

Harjanto Sumawan  
FIAP Liaison Officer of Indonesia Co-Director Pandeng FIAP Exhibition Center Indonesia

Borderless – Unlimited Imagination - September 2021