FIAP Exhibition Center Lishui (China)
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Director: Fu Weixin

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Tel: +86 578 2112913

Postal address: Photography Museum of Lishui, 583 Kuocang Road, Lishui city, Zhejiang Province, China. (Zipcode323000)

FIAP Exhibition Center (Lishui) is located at the Photography Museum of Lishui, which is the first professional museum of China that was fully invested and built by the government. Opened on November 18th, 2007, its completion was listed as the top 10 events of China‚Äôs photography in 2007.   FIAP Exhibition Center (Lishui) owns a total construction area of 3,000 square meters, contains extraordinary works of famous photographers from Lishui, and other places both at home and abroad, books and reference materials, photographic historical data, and aged cameras and photos. In the future, it will launch special photographic exhibitions, showing outstanding works of different types here and from other places. At FIAP Exhibition Center (Lishui), we will create important brand activities from aboard and provide a good photographic academic platform for the public and expanding the popularity and influence of photography; hold forums, lectures, photographic social gathering, readers communications meetings, etc. The Center is playing an active role in spreading photographic culture and inheriting photographic history.
The center has distinctive features, perfect system, complete functions, and collections of rich categories. In addition to daily activities, it also undertakes a series of international activities, such as Lishui Photography Festival, FIAP World Photographers Conference and Lishui Awards of International Photography, etc.