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Contemplating Time, Ann Francis, Ireland


Vivian Maier is the most mysterious photographer in the history. She was nanny all throughout her life. Her photography works have been discovered coincidently after she was dead. This probably was the most special case in photography history. She is recognized in public based on big difference between her dual status identification: mysterious nanny and eremitic artist. All images she photographed weren’t processed before her dead, just like her soul course, hided in a box. A very important function of photography is to spread, but Vivian Maier hided all her works in a box, and subverts people's traditional understanding of photography. Her life is highest level of her work. If we treat her as an unprecedented artist, and the social role that she pretended through her life, just like irony of this powered and institutionalized society. Then her independent photos are the wedge among her works of life.

Fifty original works of Vivian Maier will be exhibited this   time. They are provide by art galleries and collectors in America. Thank you very much!

5° Vivian Mayer's Moment