FIAP Biennials

39th Youth Biennial 2018, Bulgaria

Host Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2018
The weaver, Younus Al Shuaili, Oman

The works and the perfectly organization at the 39th FIAP Youth Biennial 2018, was done of the Bulgarian Federation APS “Yanka Kyurkchieva“ in Sofia. Some participants and the great delegation from the World Cup winners Oman, was surprise about the wonderful ceremony and the presentation of the high quality of the submitted images in the both categories. Thanks to all organizer members for their excellent insert and extensive works. It is necessary also to express the special thanks to the jury members which used the opportunity in very quick time perfectly in order to judge the images conscientiously and in the sense of the youth photographic art. Congratulations to all participants and award winners for their outstanding photographic performances and wehope for more participants by the next jubilee 40th Youth Biennial 2020.

Winners of the 39th Youth Biennial 2018, Bulgaria
Winner Country Category I, 16 years Section: Oman
Winner Country Category II, 21 years Section: Oman
Freddy Van Gilbergen, MFIAP, EFIAP/g, HonEFIAP (Belgium); Rasa Milojevic, EFIAP/b, EsFIAP, MFFSS (Serbia); Cvetan Gavrovski, EFIAP, MFFSM (FYROM)

Individual awards - Category I - Individual Awards

Winner: Fragile thoughts, Maria Balog, Serbia
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Individual awards - Category II - Individual Awards

Winner: The splits, Ana Andonova, FYROM
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