FIAP Biennials

37th FIAP Youth Digital Biennial 2015, Serbia

Host Country: Serbia
Year: 2015
The powerful play goes on - Alberto Papagni - Italy

The organizer of this years' FIAP Youth Biennial 2015 has completed it with great pleasure and important preparation. The jury has also completed its important job successfully, due to the big photographic experience of the judges.

I would like to thank all participants, organizers and jury members. The quality of the pictures was once more a proof of the excellent work of the young photographers of FIAP operational members. My congratulations to all participants, whether they were among the winners or not.

Winners of the 37th FIAP Youth Digital Biennial 2015, Serbia
Winner Category I, 16 years, Country Section: Austria
Winner Category II, 21 years, Country Section: Italy
Kurt Batschinski, HonEFIAP (Austria); Ioannis Lykouris, MFIAP, HonEFIAP (Greece); Branislav Brkic, MFIAP, EFIAP/s, ESFIAP; MF FSS (Serbia)
All results - Individual - Category I, 16 years Individual
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Al Jabri Sayma Oman To the light
FIAP Silver Medal Fabsicz Tamara Austria Blondes Haar
FIAP Bronze Medal Treinen Michelle Germany Help
FSS Gold Medal Maslennikova Svetlana Russian Federation Mongrel
FSS Silver Medal Al Amri Mohammed Oman Look
FSS Bronze Medal Bruckner Maria-Lena Austria Stürmisch
Diploma Badt Nils Germany Spitzermüll
Diploma Al Siyabi Yousuf Oman Omani Features
Diploma Al Rashdi Reem Oman Read
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