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27th FIAP Colour Biennial 2017, Norway

Host Country: Norway
Year: 2017
Lady with a horse, Dmitriy Belyaev

It is with great pleasure that I introduce this 27th FIAP Colour Biennial 2017, hosted by the Norwegian Photographic Society and Bekkalokket Photoclub. It is the first time, that the two former FIAP Biennials, The Colour Print Biennial and the Projected Image Biennial, has merged to one FIAP Colour Biennial. The consequence is of course also, that the task of hosting this Colour Biennial has been more comprehensive than just hosting one of the former biennials, and FIAP appreciate very much, the competent way the organizers managed this challenge. This catalogue shows the photographic result of the biennial, paying tribute to all participating national organisations, their photographers and their artistic work. Not only is the high quality of many photos visible - for the first time, as all photos are shown as thumbnails, it is now possible to evaluate the coherence of the collections. FIAP congratulates all biennial participants, the winners of the national competition as well as the winners of all the individual prizes.

Winners of the 27th FIAP Colour Biennial 2017, Norway
Winner Country Projected Section: Russia, Once again on the female beauty
Winner Country Print Section: Italy, A means of integration disabled,
Göran Zebühr, EFIAP, ESFIAP (Sweden); Freddy Van Gilbergen, EFIAP/b, HonEFIAP (Belgium, FIAP Judge); Bjarne Hyldgaard, EFIAP/g (Denmark)
All results - Individual - Projected images Individual
Prize Author Country Title Points Coherence points Total points
FIAP Gold Oystein Nordas Norway Ski chasing / / /
FIAP Silver MORGAN O'NEILL Ireland Girl at piano / / /
FIAP Silver AHMED ALTOUQI Oman Omania face / / /
FIAP Bronze Dmitriy Belyaev Russian Federation Lady with a horse / / /
FIAP Bronze Dmitriy Ageev Russian Federation Portrait of a young lady / / /
FIAP Bronze SLAVICA DEJANOVIC Serbia Sometings gone / / /
NSFF Gold Irene Osberg Norway Silent Island / / /
NSFF Silver Dmitriy Ageev Russian Federation Portrait of a girl / / /
NSFF Bronze BEKIR TUICU Turkey Advice / / /
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