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26th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2011, Belgium

Host Country: Belgium
Year: 2011
Female labour, Silvano Monchi, Italy

Once more, Belgium organized successfully a FIAP Biennial. Once more, a FIAP Biennial was organized successfully under the direction of our tireless Honorary Vice President; it must be the ninth!

31 countries and 620 works of different authors certify the universality of the FIAP and, at the same time, the importance of the Biennials to the national federations. In the current framework of international competitions, especially in digital form, often the quantity prevails over the quality.

In this context, it is necessary to note that the FIAP Biennials, through the limited number of entries by author and by countries and the requirement of coherence on each national collection, are able to maintain the very high level of photographic production. Evidence is the works submitted to this Projected Images Biennial. Congratulations to Italy for its victory as well to the Centrum voorBeeldexpressie and the Federation of Belgian Photographers, both for the second place of the Belgium but also and especially for the excellent organization of this Biennial.

Winners of the 26th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2011, Belgium
Winner of the Country Projected: Italy, Men at work
Winner of the Individual Projected: Timo Lähtinen, Little artist, Finland
Emile Wanderscheid, HonEFIAP, EFIAP (Luxembourg); Theo Van de Heijt (Netherlands); Joseph Schreuer (Belgium)

Ceremony photos

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