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25th FIAP Colour Biennial 2013, Argentina

Host Country: Argentina
Year: 2013
Las ausencias, Francisco Settembrino, Argentina

Talk about a FIAP Biennale is easy but at the same time difficult. Easy because in the great family FIAP everyone should know that these events, created to allow comparison between all member countries, are important to spread their photographic culture, to know their authors, prove with facts rather than words, to take active part in the life of our Federation. Difficult, because despite all the efforts made the participation in these events is in many cases still far below the logical expectations.

However, such events as the 25th Biennial for Color Prints, organized in an exemplary manner by the Federacion Argentina de Fotografia *FAF*, make us hope for a better future. The results clearly demonstrate that there was a great competition for the top places, rarely in fact we saw the first 7 countries in just 9 points, testimony of great quality images which also included the 29 participating countries.

A tribute to the hosts own merit winners of the World Cup, which have shown, if any proof was needed, the Argentine photographic school still remains one of the most important in the vast panorama of international photography. It is no coincidence that the first author awarded the title of "Best of the Best FIAP" was just an Argentine followed on the list by another compatriot.

A final thank to all the authors who with great spirit of belonging put their photos available to their Federations making possible the realization of this wonderful competition.

Winners of the 25th FIAP Colour Biennial 2013, Argentina
Winner of the Country Print: Argentina, Retrato ambientado
Winner of the Individual Print: Luis Franke, Argentina
Joan Burgués Martisella, AFIAP (Andorra – FIAP Judge); Victor Caffarena, (Chile); Jose Luis Urbaitel, EFIAP/b, (Argentina)

Ceremony photos

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