FIAP Biennials

18th FIAP Nature Biennial 2016, Serbia

Host Country: Serbia
Year: 2016
Indian Fox with young one, Baiju Patil, India

FIAP congratulates Photo Association of Serbia and Photo Club Novi Sad on their success in the task of hosting these Nature biennials. The organizing committee has effectively brought photo collections from around the world together in a spirit of friendship between the members of the FIAP family.
The high quality of the images shown here leads us to hope to see even more participants in future FIAP Biennials.

Winners of the 18th FIAP Nature Biennial 2016, Serbia
Winner of the Country Projected: Italy, Feeding for live
Winner of the Country Print: Italy, Animals in flight
Winner of the “The Odette Bretscher Trophy"

Winner of the trophy: Italy
Romain Nero, EFIAP/g, HonEFIAP (Luxembourg – FIAP Judge); Slobodan Krstić, EFIAP/s, MF FSS (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Geza Lennert, EFIAP, MF FSS (Serbia)

Ceremony photos

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