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16th FIAP Nature Biennial 2012, Norway

Host Country: Norway
Year: 2012
Wasp, Tuck Leong, Australia

The Norwegian Photographic Society (NSFF), organized the 16th FIAP Nature Biennial. The last time NSFF hosted a FIAP biennial was in 1966. The 9th FIAP Congress was held in Norway that year and, following tradition, we also organized the 9th FIAP Black and White Biennial. 1966 was also the year of the very first FIAP Youth Print Biennial.

NSFF celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, and the 16th Nature Biennial has been one of many activities during this special year.

As for the 16th Nature Biennial, all the practicalities were taken care of by Bodø Fotoklubb, and the committee definitely deserve credit for their organizing efforts: A big thank you goes to Hans Birkelund, Olav-Inge Alfheim, Bjørn Hagerupsen, Kent Even Grundstad, Eivind Nilsen, Geir-Arne Jørgensen and Øyvind Hansen. The jury consisted of Jacky Martin, vice president of FIAP, Ioannis Lykouris, FIAP board member and in charge of the FIAP biennials, and the Norwegian photographer Ernst Furuhatt.

Authors from 27 countries from all over the world took part in this biennial, and nearly 800 pictures were exhibited. In the print category, there were authors from 24 countries, and the projected images category saw authors from 25 countries. The photos taken by the medallists were on display in Bodø as well as in Kristiansund during the Nordic Light International Photo Festival in April. Congratulations to everyone and in particular to the authors from Italy, who won both categories.

Winners of the 16th FIAP Nature Biennial 2012, Norway
Winner Country Projected Section: Italy, Animals and food
Winner Country Print Section: Italy, Birds against Birds
Winner of the Country of “The Odette Bretscher Trophy”

Winner of the trophy: Italy
Jacky Martin, MFIAP (France); Ioannis Lykouris, EFIAP, ESFIAP (Greece); Ernst Furuhatt (Norway)
All results - Individual - Projected images Individual
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Maurizio Bonora Italy The five hunters
FIAP Silver Medal Dinh quoc van Nguyen Viet Nam The Sea & Rocks 30
FIAP Silver Medal Soren Skov Denmark Dansehveps
FIAP Bronze Medal Damir Rajle Croatia MELTING FOREST
FIAP Bronze Medal Ricardo Martiniuk Argentina Juego y Lucha 2
FIAP Bronze Medal Bogdan Boev Bulgaria European Bee-Eater
NSFF Gold medal best bird Ilka Niskanen Finland Double
NSFF Gold medal best macro Giuseppe Bonali Italy Bollicine
NSFF Gold medal best Landscape Widar Olsen Norway Sjospoyt
NSFF Gold medal best Mammal Michael Cruise Scotland Red Squirrels
NSFF Gold medal best Flower Eddy Marissen Netherlands Tropaeolum Majus 2
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