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Springbok, Jill Sneesby, South Africa

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Country Promotion year Title Photos
Gwen Charnock United Kingdom 2009 The people of Marrakech (Morocco)
Udo Kramer Germany 2009 Landen
Phil Charnock United Kingdom 2009 Special operations at Lancashire police
Margaret Salisbury United Kingdom 2009 Village Life Ghana
Guy Samoyault France 2009 Automne en Aragon
Anil Risal Singh India 2009 Form and colour
Quoc Tuan Hoang Viet Nam 2009 Toss and Turn of environment
Anup Paul India 2009 Women hood : psychological changes of women
Jozef Aerts Belgium 2008 Life in a monastic community
Pedelmas Pierre France 2008 Instants de vie
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