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Beginning of the Story, Nasser Haji Malek, United Arab Emirates

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Code UNU/UN Promotion year Title Photos
John Seegers 528 2010 Daily Life in La Habana de Cuba
Lemaire Willy 56 2010 Ombres intimes
Singh Anil Risal 356 2009 Form and Colour
Hoang Quoc Tuan 704 2009 Toss and turn of environment
Salisbury Margaret 826 2009 Village Life - Ghana
Paul Anup 356 2009 Women hood
Krémer Udo 276 2009 Lñden
Samoyault Guy B. 250 2009 Automne en Aragon
Charnock Gwen 826 2009 The people of Marrakech (Morocco)
Manfred Blum 40 2009 AbstraAKT
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