Promotion and Partnership
Singapore David Tay Poey Cher Service director

Promotion and Partnership

Design Street, Shin Woo Ryu, Korea

The Promotion & Partnership Service (PPS) was established to enhance the brand equity of FIAP; and to develop partnership with credible organisations for meaningful projects and activities.
Some of the projects which PPS has undertaken in the recent years include:


·      Updating the FIAP Brochure with a new concept design and more interesting photos.
·      Redesigning the FIAP business cards, certificates with a modern look.


In order to increase FIAP’S visibility, and to raise its image internationally, made arrangements for FIAP to participate in the Photography LIVE-Dubai 2017 which was held at The Arena Festival in Dubai from 4 to 6 May 2017. The event, billed as the largest photography event of its kind in the Middle East, brings together the major brands in photography as well as photograph education. It was also a good platform for FIAP to network with the key players of the photography industry which would help pave the way for future collaborations.

A collection of works on Nature was featured at the FIAP Gallery in Photography Live-Dubai 2017. Two speakers from FIAP also took the Centre Stage to speak during the event.


PPS arranged for FIAP Auspices to be granted to the Tamron Intangible Cultural Heritage Project which was launched in March 2015.It was a meaningful initiative which deserves the support of FIAP, since intangible cultural heritage is promoted by UNESCO in maintaining cultural diversity in the face of growing globalization.

The Tamron Project, managed by, was aimed at promoting China’s intangible cultural heritage through photography. Selected photographs from the Tamron Project were exhibited at the Beijing International Photo Week which was launched on 24 October 2015.