Photographer's card service
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Photographer's card service

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Photographer’s card service

  FIAP Photographer’s Card is a photo identification document with a unique card number for the photographer with FIAP distinction or anyone who wants to apply for FIAP distinction or attend FIAP Congress, AGM or Photo Meeting. 

Photographer first creates his or her personal profiles on platform.
All submitted personal information will remain confidential and limit to FIAP use only. 

Photographer may login at any time to order a Photographer’s Card online whether it is a first card or replacement (loss/damage or updating photo).
Once payment is made and confirmed, he or she will receive a card number for applying FIAP distinction or attending FIAP Congress, AGM or Photo Meeting. 

Starting from 2021, all success applicants for FIAP distinctions will receive new Photographer’s Cards printed with new FIAP distinctions for free.  Apart from certificates and badges, these cards will be sent separately to OM for distribution in that country. 

Thank you, and welcome to FIAP!   Link: