Patronage service
Luxembourg Romain Nero Service director

Patronage service

Anusha, Massimo Tommi, Italy

FIAP Patronage is granted to international events accessible to participants from all over the world.Applicants for FIAP Patronage have to conform to conditions listed in FIAP DOC 018/2017.

Generally, FIAP patronage is granted to photographic contests.

Acceptations and awards won by participants in events with FIAP patronage are selectable for FIAP distinctions.

FIAP Auspices are granted to international photographic events that do not fulfill the conditions for obtaining FIAP Patronage, like commemorations, jubilees, exhibitions, etc.

FIAP Patronage can be applied for online by logging in to the FIAP Platform

Events to which FIAP Patronage has been granted can be found at the following link: