FIAP World Cups

12th FIAP World cup for club 2017

Host Country: Spain
Year: 2017
Waterfall at Kirjufell, McStraw Gregory, United Kingdom

12th Word Cup 2017

Winner of the 12th FIAP World cup for club 2017 world cup
Winner of the World Cup for club: Catchlight Camera Club, Ireland
Winner of the Dorikens Trophy

Winner of the trophy: Wigan 10 Foto Club, United Kingdom
Conrad Mularoni (AFIAP-HonEFIAP) San Marino; Dorota Kycia (EFIAP-ESFIAP) Poland; Guy Samoyault (MFIAP) France
All results - Individual - FIAP World cup winner's
Prize Author name Club name Country Title
Gold medal Phil Barber WIGAN 10 FOTO CLUB United Kingdom Committed
Silver medal Brigitte Gillieaux PHOTO CLUB PERFECT GANSHOREN Belgium Bonne Pêche
Silver medal Patrick Bironneau FOCALE 49 France Stationnaire
FIAP BRONZE Sevtap Inal MERSIN PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Turkey Camels in the Sahara Desert
FIAP BRONZE Hugh Wilkinson CATCHLIGHT CAMERA CLUB Ireland Fox with Quarry
FIAP BRONZE Janet Haines DORCHESTER CAMERA CLUB United Kingdom Athena-Goddess of Wisdom
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