FIAP World Cups

11th FIAP World Cup for club 2016

Host Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2016
Perperok, Nihan Buyuksural, United Kingdom


Winner of the 11th FIAP World Cup for club 2016 world cup
Winner of the World Cup for club: Smethwick photographic society, Great Britain
Winner of the Maurice Dorikens Trophy 2012-2016

Winner of the trophy: Wigan 10 Foto Club, United Kingdom
John Chamberlin, MFIAP (England); Maria de la Hoz Roch, MFIAP (Spain); Joan Burgués Marticella, Vice President of FIAP (Andorra)
All results - Individual - FIAP World cup winner's
Prize Author name Club name Code UNU/UN Points
Fiap Gold Nihan Buyuksural Adana Amateur photographers Society 792 /
Fiap Silver Medal Sergio Tello Accio Fotografica Ripollet 724 /
Fiap Silver Medal Peter Gennard Smethwick Photographic Society 826 /
Fiap Bronze Medal Pablo Elia Grupo Fotografico Parque 32 /
Fiap Bronze Medal Ed Roper Wigan 10 Foto Club 826 /
Fiap Bronze Medal Ross McKelvey Catchlight CC 372 /
John Chamberlin Award Mike Lane Arden Photo Group 826 /
Joan Burgues Martisella Award Phil Barber Wigan 10 Foto Club 826 /
Maria Gracia de la Hoz Rock Award Yarema Prociy Colomb 804 /
Honorable Mention Jean Banq Perpignan-photo 250 /
Honorable Mention Ahmet Niyazi Sertkalayci Arka plan fotograf dernegi 792 /
Honorable Mention Mohamed Benbelgacem Perpignan-photo 250 /
Honorable Mention Aleksander Cufar Fotografsko drustvo jesenice 705 /
Honorable Mention Cristina Garzone cupolone 380 /
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