Giuseppe Tomelleri
Giuseppe Tomelleri
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The Towns living on the Water

The Towns living on the Water - Giuseppe Tomelleri


He is a photographer from Verona – Italy , born in 1946, who devotes his interest to the landscape in its various forms, natural, modified or created by man.

He is well known at home and abroad, and  very appreciated for his technical accuracy as well as the consistency of his subjects.

He see personally the photographic process following the shooting, the interventions in post – productions and the final print.

In 40 years of activity in the world of amateur photographic,  he has earned: 

 - 3.500 admissions and 400 awards in the international contests with the sponsorship of FIAP

In the year 2011 he received the international highest honour with the appellation of MAITRE – FIAP.

His photos are often published in magazines and request  for showing at exhibitions and events.

The The Towns living on the Water photo album

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