Carlo Diana
Carlo Diana
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Canaval de Venise

Canaval de Venise - Carlo DIANA

Retired  teacher in mathematics
-    Like to travel and discover manners and customs of the people in different countries
( Europe , Africa , Asia , Mexico)

It all began in 1980 : some people contaminated by the “photography-virus” showed me in into the dark chamber …  and thus I discovered the magic attraction of the plastic arts … The “magic box” offered me the possibility to dislocate certain objects from their everyday surroundings, putting them into an unusual frame … Since I am fond of not entirely realistic images, but rather of surrealistic creations, with a hue of mysteriousness and fantasy , I prefer to focus on irreal situations and atmospheric pictures … and in order to evoke these subjects as truly as possible, I started searching , quite soon , for particular developing techniques , as well regarding black and white photos as colour slides.

Photography , in all its aspects , has grown to be my favourite pastime occupation, and moreover , it is a passionate hobby which has given me a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It has enabled me to discover a new world and besides , it has enriched my life with a lot of new acquaintances … I am convinced that , in our small world of amateur-photographers friendship counts as much as a collection of medals … and maybe even more !!!

Main titles :
  EFIAP / Platine
- APSA  PSA    Colour Slides : Galaxy 4

                          Nature Slides :  4 Stars

                          Photo-Journalist  Slides : 3 Stars

                          Photo-Travel  Slides : Traveler 2            

                          - Es-Hon.ÖGPh ( Österreichse Gemeinschaft von Photographen)

                          - Hon.Târgu-Mures (Romania)

                          - Hon. Artec Mouscron  (Belgium)

Exhibitions in : Belgium , France , Italy , Romania , Denmark , China , Ukraine , Taiwan
-     Lectures in clubs : Belgium, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Holland , China, Ireland
Judge in several exhibitions in : Belgium , Holland , France , Austria , Italy , G.D. Luxembourg, Scotland , China, Malta, England , Ireland

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