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Beginning of the Story, Nasser Haji Malek, United Arab Emirates

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Code UNU/UN Promotion year Title Photos
Synnevaag Roald 578 2014 Alberto - same same, but different
Vasja Doberlet 705 2014 Auto-reflections
Lothar Noth 276 2014 L'esprit du temps
Materassi Marcello 380 2014 Maramures in blu
Anne Maree O'Connor 36 2014 The illusion of glamour
Anne-Marie Vermaat 528 2013 The metro of Pyongyang
Demir Ali Riza 792 2013 Nameless
Barrie Wilkins 710 2013 Panthera Leo - Teenage lion behaviour
Chris Discart 56 2013 Save the Children in the World
Dra Van Mensel 56 2013 Dragonflies
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