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Springbok, Jill Sneesby, South Africa

Maitre de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique

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Author Country Promotion year Title Photos
Materassi Marcello Italy 2014 Maramures in blu
Anne Maree O'Connor Australia 2014 The illusion of glamour
Anne-Marie Vermaat Netherlands 2013 The metro of Pyongyang
Demir Ali Riza Turkey 2013 Nameless
Barrie Wilkins South Africa 2013 Panthera Leo - Teenage lion behaviour
Chris Discart Belgium 2013 Save the Children in the World
Dra Van Mensel Belgium 2013 Dragonflies
Krishna Murthi G.S. India 2013 Bengal Tiger
Henri Rajakaruna Sri Lanka 2013 Dance in a Trance
Jill Sneesby South Africa 2013 Elephant Trunks
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