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Lautlos_ m Herbstwald, Susanne Seiffert, Germany

Biennials are competitions between countries with Operational Members that are members of FIAP.
Individuals interested in participating should approach the FIAP affiliated organization within their country to seek information about their country’s process for selecting photos to represent their country in this events.

22nd FIAP Nature Biennial - Germany 2024

We invite all federations members of FIAP to participate in the next Nature Biennial
Closing date: 30 April 2024
Judging date: 6th July 2024
Participation is ONLY open for FIAP Operational Members
Registration is open. Click here to participate.

36th FIAP Black and White Biennial - India 2024

We invite all federations members of FIAP to participate in the next Black and White Biennial
Closing date: 1st July 2024
Judging date: 11th August 2024
Registration is open. Click here to participate

Biennials are one of the most important events offered by FIAP. They are organized every two years in a different member country. Even years for  Black and White and Nature Biennials, odd years for the Colour Biennial

The participation is free. Biennials have a very particular characteristic, different from the international contests. It is not only the quality of the individual work that counts, but FIAP ask for coherent collections, as well of the viewpoint of inspiration and conception as form the viewpoint of execution and presentation. The judgement of the collections is made in two steps:  
1) the judgement of each work of the collection
2) the global judgement of the collection.
The collection obtaining the highest score by the addition of the points of the first and the second judgment, wins the  World Cup of the corresponding Biennial. Individual prizes are also awarded to the best works regardless of the classification by federations.

For more information with results and statistics of previous Biennials please click here.

35th FIAP Youth Digital Biennial 2013, Austria

Winner Category I, 16 years, Country Section: Germany Winner Category II, 21 years, Country Section: Italy Year: 2013
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25th FIAP Colour Biennial 2013, Argentina

Winner Country Print Section: Argentina, Retrato ambientado Winner Individual Print Section: Luis Franke, Argentina Year: 2013
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27th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2013, Luxembourg

Winner Country Projected Section: Belgium Winner Individual Projected Section: Treppenaufgang, Irmgard Sell, Germany Year: 2013
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24th FIAP Colour Biennial 2012, Turkey

Winner Country Print Section: Ireland, Island Coasts Winner Individual Print Section: Boat at Bellurgan Point, Brian Hopper, Ireland Year: 2012
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31st FIAP Black and White Biennial 2012, Spain

Winner Country Print Section: Ireland, People Winner Individual Print Section: Sage of Univers, Mohammed Alamri, Oman Year: 2012
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16th FIAP Nature Biennial 2012, Norway

Winner Country Projected Section: Italy, Animals and food Winner Country Print Section: Italy, Birds against Birds Year: 2012
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26th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2011, Belgium

Winner Country Projected Section: Italy, Men at work Winner Individual Projected Section: Timo Lähtinen, Little artist, Finland Year: 2011
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