FIAP Biennials

35th FIAP Youth Digital Biennial 2013, Austria

Host Country: Austria
Year: 2013
Night love - Crnobrnja Ognjen

 It is very pleasing to note the increase of the number of participating countries in this Youth-Biennial. 

Despite an error in the English version of the entry form and the related unpleasant additional work for the organizer and the members of the jury, with the collaboration of the responsible representatives of the countries, at the end we reached a fair and equitable result in this 35th FIAP Youth-Biennial 2013. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Federal Ministry of Art & Culture for its patronage, UNESCO for its patronage and the VÖAV for the prize distribution at the photographic exhibition “Photo & Adventure”. 

Thanks are also due to the VÖAV team and to the foreign judges for the collegial and excellent work for the preparation and the judging in Vienna. 

I must express my gratitude also to the persons in charge of the participating count-ries and to their young people that with their works, ideas and creativity once again fully convinced and gave an important contribute to FIAP’s international family. My warmest thanks to the winners, but also to all other participants, for their wonderful collaboration and I hope to see them again in the next Youth-Biennial. 

Kurt Batschinski 

Director FIAP Youth Service

Winners of the 35th FIAP Youth Digital Biennial 2013, Austria
Winner Category I, 16 years, Country Section: Germany
Winner Category II, 21 years, Country Section: Italy
Batschinski Kurt, HonEFIAP, Wiesen Wolfgang, EFIAP/b, Vogt Rolf, HonÖGPh
All results - Individual - Category II, 21 years Individual
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP gold medal Valenti Kristina  Slovenia That´s enough 
FIAP silver medal Süss Jakob  United Kingdom Über den Dächern
FIAP bronze medal Fantoni Alberto Italy Rubies
VÖAV medal  Steblovnik Zala  Slovenia Thoughtful 
VÖAV medal  Magnus Nygard  Norway Evigheten 
VÖAV medal  Alruzaiqi Abdollah  Oman The Emergence 
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