FIAP Biennials

34th FIAP Black & White Biennial 2018, South Africa

Host Country: South Africa
Year: 2018
Metropol Parasol Seville Spain, Breen Porter, New Zealand

With great pleasure we present the best images of the 34th FIAP Black & White Biennial. The images published here is a sample of the quality and diversity of works presented by the participating federations. Photographic art is an international concept and with 40 participating countries representing the 5 continents reaffirms the validity and interest in black and white photography. The Monochrome Biennial always has a very special interest. This year even more, it is presented for the first time in the African continent.

Organizing a Biennial represents an important challenge. Thanks to the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) who has done it with care and competence, also the jury and all the federations that sent their works contributed to the success of this event. A special congratulation deserves Scotland who has won the World Cup with a collection of exceptional individual quality and coherence.

Winners of the 34th FIAP Black & White Biennial 2018, South Africa
Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: Scotland
Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: Brian Clark, Scotland
Winner of the Great Prize “Dr. M. Van de Wijer Trophy"

Winner of the trophy: Russia Federation
Freddy van Gilbergen, MFIAP, EFIAP/s, HonEFIAP (Belgium); Nige Westwood (Zimbabwe); Markus Worsdorfer (Germany)
All results - Individual - Individual awards
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Brian Clark Scotland Winter Solitude
FIAP Silver Medal Vladimir Savcinsky Slovakia Basketball M 16.4
FIAP Silver Medal Antonio García Redondo Spain Entre Rejas
FIAP Bronze Medal Breen Porter New Zealand Metropol Parosol Seville Spain
FIAP Bronze Medal Sergey Anisimov Russian Federation Frends
FIAP Bronze Medal Willi Habner Switzerland Allessandro
PSSA Gold Medal Bisak Zoltan Serbia Afternoon Activities 1
PSSA Gold Medal Andy Fryer United Kingdom Tom At Home
PSSA Gold Medal Stephane Kaelen Belgium Pudeur
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