FIAP Biennials

32nd FIAP Black and White Biennial 2014, Turkey

Host Country: Turkey
Year: 2014
Quit Place to Study, Faisal Khalaf, Bahrain

We are very happy being together with our friends from all over the world in the year of the 175ยบ anniversary of International photography. This meaningful year hosts two important events as well 32nd Black and White Biennial and FIAP Congress. The proud of handling these two most important photography events belongs to us on behalf of the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey.

As we all know black and white is the source of photography art forever. Digital technology will never send down black and white. So the undeniable importance of black and white makes difficult to evaluate the photographs of participating FIAP member countries. Just because this members of the Black and White Biennial jury deserve an acknowledgment.

The most prestigious biennial results showed us the lustrous success and good job of our friends from the Bahrain Art Society Photography Club. So the greatest congratulation goes to Bahrain.

Of course, participation is as soulful as gaining a degree Therefore we not only congratulate the prize medalist and winner teams, but all participating countries for their support.

PAFT thank all those who have their efforts to bring the Biennial success in national and international levels. 

Winners of the 32nd FIAP Black and White Biennial 2014, Turkey
Winner FIAP World Cup Print Section: Bahrain
Winner FIAP Gold Medal Print Section: Sheikh, Mohammed Bu Hasan, Bahrain
Herbert Gmeiner, EFIAP, HonEFIAP (Austria – FIAP Judge); Rula H. Halawani (Palestine); Ilteris Tezer (Turkey)
All results - Individual - Individual Winners PRINT
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Mohammed Bu Hasan Bahrain Sheikh
FIAP Silver Medal John Hickey Ireland A Life of Steam
FIAP Silver Medal Andreu Noguero Cazorla Spain Retrao 01
FIAP Bronze Medal Martin Embacher Austria Tanja
FIAP Bronze Medal Thanh Liem Lam Viet Nam Caring
FIAP Bronze Medal Karel Jelinek Czech Republic The Cook
Gold Medal PAFT Barbara Greguric Slovenia Wind in her hair
Silver Medal PAFT Lars Fredriksson Sweden Happy Family
Bronze Medal PAFT Gabriel Ó´Shaughnessy Ireland Mickey Morris
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