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28th FIAP Colour Biennial 2019, Spain

Host Country: Spain
Year: 2019
Chaouen, María Gracia de la Hoz Roch, Spain

Spain has had the honour of organizing and hosting the 28th FIAP Color Biennial 2019, in which a total of 45 countries have participated, for which we are very grateful. The greatest participation in a FIAP Colour Biennial has been achieved. 

Today's world is a world based on images and photography is one of its best expressions. In the great FIAP family everyone should know that these events are the place where works from different countries meet and allow a comparison between their members, promote their photographic culture and make their authors known. Federations from the five continents have been awarded demonstrating that the language of photography is still universal and the FIAP has joined them all in one great international event. 

The participating federations have had the responsibility of preparing their collections by coordinating their teams as much as possible in order to achieve the best result according to the chosen theme. We must thank all the authors who, with a great sense of belonging, once again put their images at the disposal of their federations and made possible the realization of this wonderful competition. In this way, in the paper section, Spain for the first time has obtained the World Cup in a very competitive classification in the first positions. And in the digital section, the Russian Federation has once again reaffirmed the great work of recent years and has won another World Cup. 

Many thanks to all who made this great event possible.

Winners of the 28th FIAP Colour Biennial 2019, Spain
Winner Country Print Section: Spain, Paisaje urbano, Chaouen
Winner Country Digital Section: Russian Federation, Children and animals
Luis Franke, MFIAP, EFIAP/d2, EsFIAP, (Argentina – FIAP Judge); Pepo Vázquez, HonFIAP (Andorra); Jean Saleilles, AFIAP, EsFIAP (France)
All results - Individual - Prints Images Individual
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Michael Strapec Ireland Cinderella
FIAP Silver Medal Paolo Mugnai Italy Inverno sulle crete
FIAP Silver Medal Minh Nhu France Symphonie d´automne
FIAP Bronze Medal Juan Mariscal López Spain Camino XI
FIAP Bronze Medal Roxana Aisen Argentina La hilandera
FIAP Bronze Medal Luc Stalmans Belgium Bellezza
FCF Gold Medal Jean-Louis Alliot France La nuit au musée
FCF HM Heinz Peks Germany Muellkippe
FCF HM Fausto Meini Italy Alba tra i papaveri
FCF HM Richard Harding United Kingdom Storm Front
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