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27th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2013, Luxembourg

Host Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2013
Beachart, Werner Baumann, Germany

It is with great pleasure that Luxembourg becomes the epicentre of photography in 2013 on the occasion of the 27th FIAP Projected Image Biennial. To coordinate and to promote photography and amplify relations between Luxembourg and photographers around the world - that was, from its inception, one of the main objectives of Luxembourg’s Photographic Arts Federation. An effective way to achieve this and to carry beyond its borders the message of photography is certainly the organization of a biennial which brings together photographs of the most diverse cultures which are competing for the lead end to a great projection full of discoveries and emotions. The works of 42 countries, more than 800 pictures, have finally been collected and exposed to the critical eyes of the three, in international judgings experienced critics from Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg. The selection of accepted works such as the defining of awards took them a whole day; first by evaluating picture by picture, then by valuing each collection individually for its coherence; an exercise whose execution was carefully prepared for the last months by the team of FLPA.  The result is an impressive journey across cultures of the world with the greatest unusual animal shots, moments of action sports to hold your breath, idyllic landscapes, imposing architecture and the most characteristic and sensual human portraits. Our deep gratitude to all the actors of this photographic adventure: the participating photographers and the national associations but especially the members of Photo-Club Ettelbruck and the FIAP Biennial Service for their commitment and diligence.  Let’s summarize the final results assorted by the competent judges: The “Coupe du Monde” went to Belgium with their collection “Tous… en vol!”

Winners of the 27th FIAP Projected Images Biennial 2013, Luxembourg
Winner Country Projected Section: Belgium
Winner Individual Projected Section: Treppenaufgang, Irmgard Sell, Germany
Finn Nielsen, EFIAP/b, EsFIAP (Denmark); Walter Dieter, MFIAP (Germany); Yvon Piazza, EFIAP (Luxembourg)
All results - Individual - Individual Winners PROJECTED
Prize Author Country Title
FIAP Gold Medal Irmgard Sell Germany Treppenaufgang
FIAP Silver Medal Harish Chavda United Kingdom My Race
FIAP Silver Medal Morgan O`Neill Ireland Indian Kids
FIAP Bronze Medal Werner Baumann Germany Beachart
FIAP Bronze Medal Isolde Stein-Leibold Germany Falling Leaves
FIAP Bronze Medal Ian Ledgard Wales Conducting the Choir
FLPA Gold Medal Marco Zurla Italy Parigi
FLPA Silver Medal Susanne Jung Germany Enjoy life
FLPA Silver Medal Muriel Vekemans Belgium Rollier et libellule
FLPA Bronze Medal Roger Lecocq Belgium Petit matin
FLPA Bronze Medal Maitham Aimisry United Arab Emirates Convoy
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