Life card service
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Life card service

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The FIAP LIFE CARD SERVICE produces the certificate for the members with FIAP distinction and for those who want to achieve FIAP distinction. Every photographer that wishes to receive FIAP distinction is required to have a FIAP LIFE CARD.

The persons applying for FIAP LIFE CARD can do that by handing in a request at the FIAP representative of the National Photoartists. If in the respective country is no Operational Member, then they can hand in their request through the individual members in the country.

The representative of every country can request membership card twice a year.

The applicants have to send in an aggregated application form, which contains the data of the applicant.This form will be send to the treasurer of FIAP, he will communicate to the applicant the amount  what will pay to the FIAP account. After the confirmation from the FIAP treasurer or/and the FIAP Distinction Service ( If the applicant apply for the FIAP distinctions) the FIAP LIFE CARD SERVICE will produce the ordered cards.

FIAP LIFE CARD SERVICE produce for the photographers , holders of FIAP distinctions or candidates the photographers card. The passport photos will be prepared in 2,7 x 3,2 cm with

Dear (future) FIAP member,

In order to purchase your first official FIAP life card (without any FIAP-distinction), please use the link

to create your personal FIAP photographer profile on the platform.

Once verified, it will allow you to access your personal hub on the platform, and you may order your FIAP life card for just 50.- EUR (+shipping + paypal fee). You will get your FIAP life card number immediately by e-mail and your card in quality like a bankcard by mail after production.

Thank you, and welcome to FIAP!