Amleto Francisco Bocci
Amleto Francisco Bocci
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Naval maintenance

Naval maintenance - Amleto Francisco BOCCI

Amleto F. Bocci was born in Buenos Aires in 1926. Amleto considers himself born photographically in 1951, when he joined Foto Club Argentino (FCA) and started shooting monochrome. He served as FCA President from1965-67 and was the Argentine Federation of Photography (FAF) Vice President from 1968-70. He has served as a Judge in many National Exhibitions organized by FAF and International Exhibitions under FIAP Patronage. He has been a PSA Member since 1970.  He received his HonEFIAP in 1978; his MFIAP in 2003; his MFAF in 2009, and his MPSA in 2012.

In almost 40 years of International activity, he received about 3500 acceptances and about 400 prizes in trophies, medals and HMs.

The Naval maintenance photo album

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