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Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia and World Association of Hungarian Photographic Artists have presented on the 30th of April in The Carpathian FEC the photo exhibition «XXII. Jubilee International Hungarian Photo Salon. Exhibition of the winning photos». The project, created as a part of the cooperation between the creative photographic associations of the two cities of the Carpathian region – Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and Budapest (Hungary), has presented the president of the World Association of Hungarian Photographic Artists Dr. Patrus Sándor (AFIAP). The exposition consists of 44 pictures by 44 photo artists from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. The exhibition presents photos from the salon-photo contest, one of the topics of which was the memorialization of the figure of the great poet of Hungary, Sándor Petőfi, who, as one of the heroes of the revolution of 1848 –1849, was extradited to Siberia, where he died in captivity of moscovia. 

In contrast to the destructive influx, from which the world community is still suffering, and first of all Ukrainians, the organizers presented their photographic works as the main weapon against the moscovian aggressors. Semen Mel’nyk (NSPAU) shares his impressions from the exposition: «Hungarian photographers presented the extremely interesting photo exhibition in the Uzhhorod museum. Photographs are engaging both in their composition and in the imagination of the authors. But I was most impressed by the photo, which depicts a woman with a loaf of bread in her hands. Her facial expression and the author's successful composition are like a prayer to the audience, pouring from her mouth...Our Father, who art in heaven... Here, one feels the deep reverence and respect to the Creator for...our today's bread. This successful photo emphasizes that the head of everything is Bread and Peace!».
The exhibition will last till May 14th, 2023.   

Volodymyr Norba,  
curator of the exhibition, an expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

XXII. Jubilee International Hungarian Photo Salon. Exhibition of the winning photos - April 2023