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CU «Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia» (Ukraine) has presented on the 24th of August in The Carpathian FEC the photo exhibition by Prof. Dr. Urs Albrecht (Switzerland). The cultural and artistic event was held on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, within the framework of the project of the Carpathian Exhibition Center of the International Federation of Photographic Art «The World Supports Ukrainian Artists». The exposition is represented by 37 photographs of the author created over the past five years. In total, Urs received оver 100 medals and awards in international salons during his creative career. The photo exhibition of the titled Swiss photo artist, who is, in particular, a member of the American Photographic Society (PSA), the International Union of Photographers (IUP), the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), is held under the patronage of the most respected photographic organization in the world –  the International Federation of Photographic Arts (FIAP).

The author of the exhibition, while inviting visitors to the Uzhgorod Castle to view the photos, noted at the opening  of the 16th exhibition in his photographic career: "Dear Ukrainians, I am sharing with you my creative achievements, through which you can feel the lived moments of happiness. I hope that Ukraine will be able to get rid of the occupiers, as Switzerland managed to do more than 700 years ago." Professor Albrecht gained as an author of the exposition an award from  Uzhhorod city for supporting the image of the city as one of the 26 photographic centers of the world.    

The exhibition will last till September 06th, 2023. 
Photo report by Jaroslav Makar.   

Volodymyr Norba (AFIAP),  
curator of the exhibition, an expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

The World Supports Ukrainian Artists - August 2023