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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia and the Transcarpathian museum of regional studies named after Tivadar Lehoczky as part of the cooperation between the creative photographic associations of the two capitals of the Carpathian region – Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and Rzeszów (Poland), have presented on the 15th of February  in The Carpathian FEC the photo exhibition «Rzeszów. Minimalism». The author of the exhibition is Artur Wysocki, a Polish photographer and a member of the Rzeszow Photography Association.
This is how Tomash Sobchak (EFIAP) characterizes the exposition: "It is easier for us to photograph foreign, exotic places... a trip, a journey, an expedition. In our own backyard, we are often "silent" photographically, being one of the humanlike butterflies blinded by the daily race, like insects we are flying toward the light. Artur Wysocki shines a light stream on his hometown through the shutter of his camera, giving me proof that it is worth it, that you can, and even should stop for a moment to see something unusual in the seemingly "familiar". The author's clear sensitivity to form allows us to forget about the place in a certain way, which tempts us with the geometric shapes of its buildings. After the initial fascination with the extraordinary aesthetics of the presented photos, the exhibition, or rather the vision of the artist, leaves the question: is Rzeszów wandering around the world or, perhaps, is the world coming to Rzeszów? Let this question arise for every viewer!
The exhibition will last till February 28th, 2023.   

Volodymyr Norba, curator of the exhibition

"Rzeszów. Minimalism" / Artur Wysocki - February 2023