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Art project by Olha Norba „Rhythm” presented in the Carpathian FIAP exhibition center 

CU «Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia» has presented on the 16th of September in The Carpathian FEC the Art project „Rhythm” by Olha Norba. The exposition was represented by 25 paintings and 5 photographs as results of the author´s search of the harmony in the secrets of nature´s rhythm. 
Inviting visitors to Uzhhorod Castle to view the pictures, the author of the exposition mentioned: «The presented exposition was inspired by the inner power of nature, its healing ability, namely the one of trees, which are the quintessence of nature´s power. Each painting is dedicated to a tree, as an embodiment of struggle and victory simultaneously, because in the paintings of the exposition, moods, weather, colors, movements, or lines change, but one thing remains unchanged – the giant tree, it lives as if with its own life, but also attentively watches over ours. The tree is an independent giant, and it fights its own battles, knowing that our earthly it will, probably, survive. The tree is also generous because it not only accumulates its strength over the years but also gladly shares it, so I, having absorbed a little of that gift, share my feelings with the viewers of the exhibition».
The Ukrainian poet and journalist Vasyl Zubach writes about the exhibition opening: «In the forest the brush has found its own path... Young artist from Uzhhorod, Olha Norba seeks the rhythm of the living world through her brush... And finds it. This rhythm is by no means monotonous, you can see the efforts of search. You gaze at the, primarily, triads presented, which are united by the singular wave of the author's sentiment».
I would like to thank Mr. Joan Burgues Martisella, the Vice-President of the FIAP and general director of the FIAP Exhibition Centers, for the suggestion to collaborate with young authors such as Olha Norba. 
The cultural and artistic event was held within the framework of the project by The Carpathian FIAP exhibition center «My small Motherland». The exposition will last till the 21st of September.  

Volodymyr Norba (AFIAP),  
curator of the exhibition, an expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

"Rhythm" by Olha Norba - September 2023