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On the 15th of July, on the eve of the 32nd anniversary celebration of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine, Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia has presented in the Carpathian FIAP Exhibition Center the photo exhibition «Light lines». The exhibition presents the works of five photographers: Vasyl Bodnar, Oleksandr Rokosovyk, Volodymyr Tatarskyi, Mykhailo Petskovych and Volodymyr Norba (AFIAP). The participants of the exhibition opening have noted that «the lines of the light» are the lines of human life, which is the highest social value, guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, they also characterized their works showed in the exposition. Mykhailo Petskovych: «The exhibition presents my photos from the album with the telling title «Travel Interrupted by War». So, viewers will be able to mentally return to a lost peaceful state and as a result to dream and plan their future». Vasyl Bodnar: «I think that visitors have to pay attention to the titles of the exhibited works, like «Severed bonds», «To the light», «Found state» and others. Perhaps the process of perceiving and analyzing both individual works and the entire exhibition will encourage viewers to give their own names to the pictures». 

During the celebrations on the occasion of the exhibition opening deputy director for scientific work of Transcarpathian museum of regional studies named after Tivadar Lehoczky, Mykhaylo Delehan, noted that the task of the project «Ukraine will overcome the evil empire», within the framework of which the event is held, is to stimulate Ukrainians to develop their creative potential and to return to a peaceful life as soon as possible. The exhibition will last until 15th August, 2022.   

Volodymyr Norba, curator of the exhibition, expert of UCF (Ukrainian Cultural Foundation),  
director  of The Carpathian FIAP Exhibition Center

Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine - July 2022