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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy

Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia and the Transcarpathian museum of regional studies named after Tivadar Lehoczky within the framework of two projects, one of which is the cooperation between photo clubs of the Carpatho-Balkan region, have presented on the 2nd of March in The Carpathian FEC the photo exhibition «Black and white Zagreb».
The authors of the exhibition are 40 members of the «Fotoclub Zagreb 1892», which is one of Europe's oldest photo clubs. Each author has presented one photo, portraying their hometown. Some of the most successful authors are Neda Racki EFIAP/d2, Miljenko Marotti EFIAP/p, Zvonko Radičanin EFIAP/d1, Nenad Martić EFIAP/g, Čedomil Gros EFIAP/b, Biljana Knebl EFIAP/s, Božo Marijančić EFIAP/g and Vinko Šebrek AFIAP, ESFIAP. The exhibition presents the work of one of the oldest active members of the Photo Club Zagreb, 95 years old Slavka Pavić, as well, who was not only a photographer, but also the founder of the Women's Section of the Club in the 1970’s.
We are grateful to the «Fotoclub Zagreb 1892» (to it's president, Hrvoje Mahović) for participating in the project "The world supports Ukraine, the world supports Ukrainian artists", which creates a new reality on the information front in humanity's struggle for the present.  The exhibition will last till March 15th, 2023. 

Volodymyr Norba, curator of the exhibition