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The Euro Foto Art Gallery-EFIAP Exhibiting Center Oradea - Romania is hosting since the 25th of June 2019 a new photography show. 75 images taken by the members of the Photoclub from Debrecen are presented. The opening took place on Tuesday, the 25th of June 2019, at 18.00 hours in the presence of the following: Máthé András AFIAP (the president of the photoclub), Micskey István, Micskey Katalin, Károlyi Gábor, Károlyiné Etelka, Illés Gábor, Illés Katalin, F. Nagy Piroska, Fülöp György, Méhész Balázs, Keresztesi Éva si Major Brigitta. Also we had the presence of Vas Géza from Cluj Napoca.  From the local photographers there were present at the event: Illés Imre ( the”Nufărul” Photoclub),  Varga Erzsébet Mandy, Csikí Ioan and Gardó Zoltán (the ”Euro Foto Art International Association).  The public was saluted by Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the manager of the  FIAP Exhibiting Center Oradea who gave the president of the Photoclub from Debrecen the patronage certificate with no. 038/2019. The exposed images were presented by Máthé András AFIAP and László Szűcs, chief editor at the "Várad" cultural magazine. The musical moments were offered by Lucian Malita, violin artist, member of the Varadiensis duo. This photography art exhibition with no. 572, organized in partnership with the Gheorghe Sincai Regional Library and the Nufarul Photoclub, with the support of the Oradea city hall and the Regional Council of Bihor, will be opened to the public until the 8th of July 2019, every working day between 8.00 and 19.00 hours, for free.

Opening of the Debrecen Photoclub exhibition - June 2019