FIAP Exhibition Center Ginestra – Fabbrica della Conoscenza, Montevarchi (Italy)
Andorra Joan Burgues Martisella Service director

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Venice Marathon 02, Marzio Filippo Minorello, Italy


Name of the building: GINESTRA Fabbrica della Conoscenza
Via della Ginestra n.21 52025 Montevarchi (AR) Italy
Tel. +39 055 9108351-
Mail : \

Director's name : Enzo RIGHESCHI  EFIAP/s ESFIAP  AFI BFI
Via del Crocifisso n.11 52025 Montevarchi (AR) Italy
Cell: +39 347 4829348 – mail :  /

What is Ginestra, the factory of knowledge:

The Cultural Center "Ginestra Fabbrica della Conoscenza" includes the Municipal Library, in its new review, and spaces equipped for activities and events of an artistic and didactic nature, including laboratories oriented to the creation of original productions, shows and live performances, conferences, seminars, workshops.
The new cultural center offers a welcoming place to produce and share ideas and knowledge, discover interests and cultivate passions, collect and enhance the culture of memory.
A public place designed to be for everyone and for everyone, which enriches the city with a multi-functional, high-tech space.
In Ginestra it is possible to meet, entertain, read, study, update, browse, discover and deepen, propose, participate.
Access is free and services are free.

Short description:

1500 square meters covered on 2 levels with elevator, 300-seat outdoor amphitheater, coffee bar, 150 informal sessions and 130 seats for reading at the table,
room equipped for events, projections, theater and concerts, room for audio / video projections for small groups, wi-fi coverage,
6 positions for graphic design, layout and audio-video editing with dedicated printer (by reservation),
13 Internet and word processing stations of which 4 are dedicated to children, 9 e-book readers, multimedia interactive whiteboard,
50,000 books of which 6,000 books in the Children and Youth Section, 1600 books in the Section History and local cultures, 300 comic books and graphic novels
4 newspapers, 55 periodicals and magazines, 800 music CDs, audiobooks, DVD movies.

Services and activities:
- consultation of municipal historical archives (pre- and post-unification) and aggregated archives (CGIL, La Familiare)
- online catalog of the library and the Arezzo documentary network
- consultancy and bibliographic information
- consultation and reading on site
- loan of books, comics, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs
(concurrently allowed 7 volumes for 30 days, 5 CDs / DVDs for 7 days) renewable (also via telephone and e-mail) and bookable (also by telephone)
- access to the MLOL platform (Media Library On Line) which provides free newspapers, magazines, music and books in electronic format
- New online service My Profile: allows subscribers to manage their personal data, see all that has been borrowed, the maturities of current loans and insert comments on books read, integrated with social networks
- interlibrary loan and supply of documents from other libraries (for a fee if outside the region)
- Internet and multimedia services
- stations for quick navigation and online catalog consultation
- workstation with special aids dedicated to users with disabilities
reproductions, including digital ones, of the material owned by the library (paid service)
- guided tours
- mailing-list
- news reporting, thematic bibliographies, reviews and reading proposals
- community and territorial information
- games and video games
- services and activities for children and young people
- lifelong learning and Polo TRIO (distance learning)
- Passanota (loan of audio-video equipment)
- Promotion of special projects
- meetings with authors, book presentations, thematic cycles
- film screenings and documentaries
- educational proposals for schools
- reading circles, voluntary groups of readers, thematic meetings, conferences, seminars
- exhibitions and documentary and photographic reviews
- laboratories for reading, writing and playing
- artistic, musical, theatrical and computer laboratories;
- Exhibition Center of FIAP (International Federation of Art Photographique) Sala della Filanda. The Filanda room can accommodate up to 50 photos of the dimensions of cm. 50x70 or 50x50.


The history of the Montevarchi Broom revolves around a small church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel, already known in the 7th century. However, its importance grew between 1009 and 1010 when a hospital was added to the church, which, as evidenced by the documents, was placed in those same years under the patronage of the Canons of the Cathedral of Arezzo by the bishop Elemperto.
The Broom thus became a boundary on the edge of the Archean diocese, but completely inserted into the Montevarchin territory, the last fossil of the diocese of Fiesole.
Between the 7th and the 11th century, therefore, the pilgrimage service was added to the care of the spirit.
In this respect, the Ginestra was found to play a key role in the sacred paths along the Upper Valdarno as it set itself as a lighthouse for those who crossed Via Cassia. In the 15th century the conversion into a Benedictine cloistered monastery deeply transformed the building to suit its new needs.
This destination made the site very important until the suppression in 1778.
In 1886 Ernesto Amphoux made it into a filing and in 1979 the municipal administration of Montevarchi decided to purchase it and restarted it in 1981.
The Administration with intervention has foreseen the monumental complex of the Ginestra for
The layout and accessibility of the Cultural Center the Ginestra.
Within this container they have found the municipal library and spaces for the organization of temporary exhibitions, workshops, study spaces and aggregation.
To do this, horizontal and vertical paths have been revised in order to reduce the general inputs, ensure the oversight of the premises and, above all, minimize access problems.
The library will also use a ground floor part of the first floor and the second floor.
It has become necessary, in order to implement the accessibility of the premises with the removal of architectural barriers, to set up an elevator that will connect the various floors. At the main entrance there was a counter for the general reception of the cultural institution where to find information about the activities proposed to the users.
The library's premises are furnished with open-air consultation Volumes and tables for study.
Computer-equipped workstations for database and Internet browsing are available.
The lounge on the second floor "Sala della Filanda" is set up for theater performances and
Multimedia views. For this reason it has been equipped with seating adjustable in number
Seats, a "wooden" and American floor-to-ceiling space for audio / video / lights controllable lighting equipment, and the room was used for photographic and pictorial exhibitions.
Ginestra's intervention has provided for an interdisciplinary and intercultural cultural institution that wants to provide a possible intervention model, which originates from and to the territory with its specificity and identity to be built over time.
The Ginestra Project, based on the aforementioned values, is born with the vocation of building a "hinge" institution between innovation and resource utilization,
Which is situated and identifies itself in the enlarged territory of the Valdarno as a point of reference for All over Tuscany.
To do this, it is essential to center in the architectural space the municipal library as well Place of local knowledge and cultural initiatives.
The inauguration of the Center took place on Saturday, May 3, 2014, with the inauguration of the exhibition "WOMEN'S PHOTO ART IN FIAP" curated by the International Federation of Art Photographiques and the F. Mochi Association of Montevarchi.
At the ceremony were the President of FIAP, Richard Busi and all the Board of Directors.
The agreement was created after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 30 August 2013 between the Municipality of Montevarchi in the presence of Mayor Francesco Maria Grasso and the Associazione Fotoamatori  Francesco Mochi with its President Enzo Righeschi and the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) with its President Riccardo Busi, in which Ginestra is identified as the place where to create a FIAP Exhibition Center for the Organization of Photographic Exhibitions with international authors.