FIAP Patronage

The Patronage Service is charged to handle the applications for FIAP Patronage introduced by organisers from all over the world. As far as possible, every application for FIAP Patronage will be answered within 24 hours from receipt.

Beside of the Patronage files, the Service assumes the following charges :
  • administration and updating of the database in relation with all Salons under FIAP Patronage organised from 1979 onwards.
  • following up of all the French and English documents, forms, lists and regulations in relation with the FIAP Patronage Service. German and Spanish versions of some important documents are also available.
  • updating and improving of the layout of the different patronage documents.
  • assistance to the authors involved into problems with Salons under FIAP Patronage.

    List of Salons with FIAP Patronage

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