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The Audio-Visual Service of FIAP has created a Diaporama Collection and started a loan service of Audio-Visual sequences (diaporamas) of a good quality.
This Collection has not only an important archival value but it becomes also in some way the History of the Diaporama. Above this all, new works are regularly included, so the Commission is in a position to offer to interested societies, wishing to organise complete Audio-Visual events (or to complement their own programmes), realisations which have been remarked at most important international events or competitions.
Great care is taken in the preparation of the copies of slides and tapes or cassettes.
The range of works actually proposed exceeds the hundred and are coming from twelve different countries. The Collections counts now some 20.000 slides and more than 600 tapes or cassettes.
A complete list (26 pages) of the diaporamas with technical information and summaries is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish or German and may be obtained from the members of the AV-Service or from the responsible of the Collection Service :


Mrs Erica Malan - Rovara
Diaporama Collection Service FIAP
Via G. Malan 56,
I-10062 Luserna San Giovanni, Italia
Tel.& fax: 39-(0)121/901362


Requests for loans must be made to Mrs Erica Malan - Rovara.

With this Collection, we hope that we may promote de diaporama to new associations and to new audiences. You too can seize the opportunity to make use of this collection to acquaint your photographer friends with this photographic medium. The works of the Collection will unable you to organise high quality Audio-Visual events, which will attract a large audience and promote the activities of your associations.